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The Numbers You Need to Know When Investing in an Express Exterior Car Wash

Express exterior car washes are the most profitable design for a modern wash. The reason is because of the numbers. You can wash more vehicles per hour with an express exterior wash. It is the perfect format for building up a monthly loyalty club. Setting the wash types at the right prices is another factor. Will you offer a basic $5 express wash to draw in new customers?

The number of conveyor tunnel car washes in the United States is growing rapidly. In fact, according to one industry adviser, there may have been 1,000 new washes constructed between March of 2019 and March 2020. While that may sound like a lot at first, the fact is that it only represents about 20 car washes per state in the US. And most states in the US have a major city with 20 or more car washes. So the industry is far from being done growing.

New Car Wash Owners Are Opting for Express Exterior Washes

Some of the largest car wash facility manufacturers in the country are seeing this trend. When being interviewed, some have expressed anywhere from 80 to 98 percent of clients requesting express exterior washes in a conveyer tunnel format. There are still some flexible service car washes being built, but very few full-service car washes. Likely the pandemic was playing a role in fewer car washes wanting to offer full-service.

Of course, there is one car wash design and construction team that has been involved in the industry for decades and has observed these changes firsthand. You guessed it – Car Wash Pro Designers (CWPD). We’ve owned and operated a full-service hand-wash car wash, but we saw the way the wind was blowing. Today, we exclusively design and construct express exterior car wash facilities to meet the growing demand.

What Do You Get When You Work with CWPD?

First of all, we bring decades of experience to the table. Second, we provide true turnkey car wash projects. From helping you present a business plan to the bank so you can get a loan to the day you welcome your first customer (and beyond!), we’re here for you. Plus, we offer our clients the opportunity to train for up to six months on a replica of their future wash so that you, your management team, and your staff can run a car wash like a well-oiled machine by the day you open your conveyor tunnel doors! Contact us today to learn more.


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