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What Car Wash Customers Want (and How to Deliver)

If you are going to succeed in a competitive industry, you need to know what consumers want and how to deliver. The car wash industry offers a lot of revenue to be had, so here are some of the ways to get your share of the pie by delivering what your customers crave.

What Your Customers Want: Value

How to Deliver: Provide easy to understand car wash packages that offer add-ons. Consumers don’t automatically go for the cheapest option. They go for the one that they see as the best deal. Load your high-end packages with enough add-ons that consumers opt for the more expensive washes.

What Your Customers Want: Convenience

How to Deliver: Offer an unlimited plan so that customers can just have a set monthly fee extracted from their account or credit card. Then, all they have to do is drive up to the wash and get their car cleaned any time they want. Consumers are willing to pay for the convenience, so you don’t have to worry about massive cancellations during times of the year when they use the wash less often.

What Your Customers Want: Minimal Wait Time

How to Deliver: A tunnel wash with a conveyor may be able to wash 100 cars per hour. Even during the busy summer months, that is fast enough to ensure there is never a line throughout the parking lot when your customers decide they want to pop in for a quick cleaning.

What Your Customers Want: Safety

How to Deliver: The pandemic should have moved your car wash into a contactless business (if it wasn’t already). If you are still holding out and having customers interact with your employees, now is the time to upgrade your equipment so that customers never have to come into contact with your employees or one another.

What Your Customers Want: A Great Experience

How to Deliver: The number one way to provide a great experience is to make sure you get vehicles sparkling clean every time. That means having the right equipment and maintaining it well. Other ways to enhance the experience include colorful lighting and colored foams. This especially makes the experience fun for children and will attract families to your wash.

Invest in a Money-Making Car Wash Business Today

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