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Why and How to Boost Car Wash Customer Lifetime Value

There are a couple of numbers that you are going to hear venture capitalists talk about when it comes to investing in businesses. One is the cost of customer acquisition. You need to know how much it costs for you to gain a new client. The second is your customer lifetime value. Obviously, that number needs to be the much higher of the two in order for your business to be successful. If you are running a car wash business, how can you increase the lifetime value of your customers to offset any expenses involved in marketing to consumers? Here are a few tips.

Start a Monthly Unlimited Car Wash Club

The subscription model is so successful that almost every industry is trying to determine how to use it to its advantage. You can even get subscription boxes for your pets now. Why not encourage your customers to subscribe to a monthly car wash package. The longer you can keep a customer on an auto-renewing subscription plan, the higher the lifetime value is. Therefore, you can improve your bottom line, even if you are offering a substantial discount to customers who join the club.

Upgrading the Equipment at Your Facility

The main way to compete with other car wash businesses in your area is to offer a better service. If your car wash cleans cars better, offers a most sustainable solution, and has nice vacuum bays, people may not even mind paying a little more for the wash. Remember to keep the vacuum bays complimentary. Little add-ons like this add value in the mind of the customer. You, of course, are adding that expense into the actual wash cost, but the idea of getting something for free makes your wash the one that offers better service in the view of the public.

Don’t Forget Your Community

Get involved with fundraising in the community. Have a social media account that has its finger on the pulse of your neighborhood. Remind everyone how the sustainable practices you use at the wash are benefiting the community and the planet in general. This will create a feeling of loyalty toward your wash which will increase the lifetime value of customers.

Get Started on a New Car Wash Project Today

Car Wash Pro Designers can help you design and build the best car wash with a highly trained staff and all the tools you need to be successful. Contact us today to learn more about our express exterior car wash projects.


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