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Why Your Express Wash Should Offer Free Vacuums

Updated: Feb 2, 2023

When you make a big investment to open a new business, it may seem counterintuitive to offer one of your services for free, but when it comes to an express car wash, offering free vacuums may be exactly what you need to draw in customers who are reluctant to try the new wash in town. Let’s take a closer look at how free vacuums can be a key element in your car wash marketing strategy.

What Offering Free Vacuums Does for Your Express Wash

First of all, using the word free is in itself a powerful marketing technique. People love to get a deal. But what about those cheapskates who are going to drive into your lot just to use the free vacuums? The fact is, you are still accomplishing your goal of driving traffic to your business.

That same driver who comes to your lot today for a free vacuum and then drives away will remember your express wash first when he or she actually needs a car wash. Plus, when other drivers pass by and see a lot of people at a business, that automatically screams, “This is the place to be!” So just having more cars in your lot, even if they are getting something for free, also advances your marketing.

Combine being able to legitimately advertise using the word “FREE” with driving more traffic to your lot, and you have the recipe for customer acquisition as well as retention.

Tips to Help Customers Enjoy Your Vacuums

Of course, if the vacuums are bad, you could end up with negative reviews. By keeping these tips in mind, you may even be able to convert some of those free vacuum stops in 5-star reviews:

  • Maintain proper suction

  • Keep vacuum bays a proper distance apart

  • Make sure hoses are long enough to reach from the front seat to the trunk

  • Design the lot for easy vacuum access

  • Don’t block traffic to the express wash

  • Make sure the signage clearly displays your free vacuuming offer

Your Source for Professional Express Wash Design, Building, and Equipment

Car Wash Pro Designers are set up to be your one-stop shop to take you from the idea of investing in an express car wash to bringing in your first customer and beyond. Our turnkey express wash features 4 levels of wash ranging from $3 to $10. The $3 wash along with free vacuums is the perfect way to bring in customers quickly and turn your investment into a profit earning machine.


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